You not going to believe this

He contacted me desperate to speak with me. I ignored his phone calls because he had done enough damage and I had told him to leave me alone. It’s the man I dated who went back to his wife which you can read about in the previous entry. Then he showed up in my neighborhood. My dear friend bumped into him on the street and asked if he was heading to see me and she according to him, ripped him a second “asshole”. He seem to take it. Must know that she was right. In any event, the man who can’t make up his mind about anything, has confessed he made a mistake by going back to his wife and told me he knows it might be too late but he would like to be with me. That he sees himself with me five years from now. Can I trust this person? He doesn’t have a good track record with sticking with what he says. I told him not to call me until he was divorced. He suggested faxing me with the documents. Okay, all, I’m not sitting here holding my breath. But now there is a thought, a glimmer of hope, perhaps he will do it, perhaps we will be together. I know the biggest mistake in my life would to be sitting here thinking about him and waiting for that moment. So, Chelsea and I are not. We have lots to do. This summer I want to sail and write. Get going on many projects.
We are working on the DVD and it will be great. Pretty excited about it.
So, that’s it for now. Chelsea is up in the loft asleep. I can hear her dreaming. WIll wake the sleeping beauty up pretty soon. BTW, here best friend, Roxy who they said would be dead a few months ago is still with us. She is doing okay and Chelsea spend a lot of time with her. When she is there, Roxy eats. They are so cute together. Have a great day!

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