“You Found the Almonds….”

We (the interns) have decided that a great way to vary our posts is to have a little structure! Some posts will be on the more personal side and others a little more informative. Today, I’ll be writing about a personal experience that I had with my mother when I was in high school. This wasn’t by any means a game changer in our relationship nor was it a milestone event, however, it’s one story that I’ll never forget that also defined our relationship when I was a teenager.

My mom and I circa almond era

There are a few details you should know before I tell you this story. To begin, when I was in high school, I definitely wasn’t the Homecoming Queen but I also wasn’t an introvert with no friends. I had a group of about 10 friends that I hung out with on a regular basis and we were one very unique and very HILARIOUS group of people. My mom loved (and still does love) my friends. But my mom loves something else more; food. My mother also doesn’t like buying things and wasting them. Once, I BEGGED her to buy me a pair of rain boots because “I LOOOVVVEEED them”. She finally gave in and 6 years later, I donated them to Good Will after wearing them once. Needless to say, she wasn’t pleased. The last thing you need to know on this journey to my story is that my mom, a self-proclaimed Maxanista, loves saving money so naturally, Costco is her place to shop on Sundays.

With that information in mind, you can imagine my mother’s displeasure on the day I decided to supply my softball team with half the bag of Kirkland almonds she’d bought the weekend before. She yelled at me, “I’m not here to supply the entire team with snacks! I bought those so we could have them in the house!” I replied, “I mean…it’s really not that big a deal.”

….Oh 17-year-old me…I was asking for it with that response.

A few days later, I went into our kitchen to get a snack: almonds. When I went to look in the cabinet, the almonds were nowhere to be found. Now this was a typical thing for my mom to do so I knowingly marched up to her and said, “Where are the almonds?” “I hid them” she replied, not looking up from what she was doing. “What do you mean you HID them?” I said, getting angrier by the second. “What if I want some?” “Just let me know and I’ll get you some.” Absolutely enraged, I walked out of the room thinking ‘GOD how much more ridiculous can she get??’

back in the 90s!

Days go by and we don’t speak about the almond argument. At this point, it’s a thing of the past and I’d already accepted the fact that I’d be living an almond free life for the next few weeks at least. Again, I went to the kitchen for a snack (a habit that I’ve recently tried to stop). As I was looking around, the greatest moment of my life happened. As I opened one of the containers on the kitchen counter, there they were: the almonds in all their glory. I FOUND THEM! ‘hahaha’ I thought, ‘look who’s in charge now’ * insert evil laugh here * ‘Looks like it’s your turn to find the almonds, mother.’

A few days after finding the almonds, as I sat watching TV, my mom walked in the room and looked at me. “You found the almonds…” she said calmly. “I did.” I replied, without glancing away from my show. She continued to look at me until I looked at her with an evil smile on my face. I had beaten her at her own game. That was all I needed to know. We were back on even ground (psht…yeah right) and she most definitely understood how ridiculous it was to hide the almonds. Since then, I’ve hesitantly continued to share food with my friends but with extreme respect for the word “moderation”. My mother has accepted this part of me and I’ve never lost another snack.

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