Winter still here


Yesterday it was windy and icey. Today a bit milder. Haven’t done any winter sports as of yet. Miss playing in the snow, going skiing, and enjoying the winter wonderland of the mountains. I did make it up to the Nevele Hotel in January when I was participating in a Limmud conference. Oddly enough, it was a bit of a challenge since it was a record cold weekend and the heat was not working in the hotel. There was much chaos. They lost a tower where they putting up over a 100 people and I was one of them. Many folks left. I have heard great things about these Limmud conferences and it was an unfortunate situation. The Nevele was quite depressing. I had been there in my youth. In fact, there is 8 mm footage of me at the Nevele as an infant. To tell you the truth, I don’t think they did any renovation and it’s falling apart. I understand it’s different owners who probably bought it some years ago hoping that gambling would be coming to the Catskills which it hasn’t. The place is decrepit. There is even a website Too bad. Anyway, I did manage to meet some interesting folks from those that stayed and bundled up. It was freezing inside too. I am a real believer in dressing in layers and had many with me. I’m going to see if I could upload a pix. Later.

On a different note, I went to a friends wedding who is an orthodox Jew. First time for me.  I snuck in a picture.  Check it out.  It was very interesting experience.  I was only there for the ceremony not the dinner and dancing afterwards.  Too bad.   It was extremely interesting.
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