Why can mom see and remember better than me?

What is wrong with this picture?  She is a few decades older than me (can’t say exactly or she will kill me) and can read without reading glasses, remembers everything, almost everything other than where she put her keys. I, on the other hand, carry a flashlight and two pair of reading glasses otherwise I will be stuck not able to read most things. You know how frustrating it is to get into the shower and not know which container is the shampoo and which is the conditioner.  And then there is my memory. Oy!  What’s so embarrassing is when someone emails me or I bump into someone and they give me a big hello and it’s apparent they know me and I’ve met them before and it’s a blank.  Anyone else have that problem? Scary. Too young for this.

Mommmm, help me out here. What does this say? Do you remember where I put Grandma’s jewelry? …………… Thanks! Phew!

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