Hi everyone,
This is my first blog and first entry. I, Gayle Kirschenbaum and Chelsea, my Shih Tzu Diva and dog-ter, have just made a film together called A DOG’S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY which will premiere Tuesday, March 15, 2005 at 7:30 PM on HBO’s channel Cinemax. Our website is www.dogamentary.com. And you can learn more about the broadcast including an interview with me and the schedule of its airing by going to http://www.cinemax.com/reel/adogslife/index.html.

When you visit our site you will see a Diary button on the right and that’s where we were initially putting our entries. I’m single, Chelsesa is single and we hit the streets of New York looking for a guy. Chelsea wore a specially rigged doggie cam.
We started attracting lots of attention right away and before we knew we were featured in so many places including the New York Times and on the Today Show. I can ramble on about the movie but you can just go to all the links I provide to learn more. There is an extended version which will released on the DVD with lots of extras.

HBO hosted a fabulous movie premiere this week. There were lots of people, tons of food and drink and much love in the room. There is nothing more gratifying for a filmmaker to sit in theater and listen to the audience laugh and at moments cry. I received so many accolades which are still coming. I was a television producer for several years living in Los Angeles and on the side like everyone else I was writing and peddling projects.. movies, series, reality shows. Several got option, but none made. Producing was fun and often quite interesting. I got to meet all kinds of people and get in places I normally couldn’t. But there is something so satisfying when you produce your own vision and it’s you in front of the camera and you in the edit room and then after working for so long alone and you bring out to the public, they respond, they love it! Wow! I have found my calling.

I recommend that you follow your passion. If anyone is in northern California, tomorrow, March 13 at 1:50 Pm
http://www.tiburonfilmfestival.com/ A Dog’s Life will be playing. I was suppose to be there but just couldn’t make that happen. Had too much to do.

05 6pm - 1

This is a picture at the premiere at HBO. From left to right. Mary Cooke, who is the Director of Cabrini Hospice, Sara Bernstein, HBO executive, me (Gayle & Chelsea) and Stephanie LaFarge of the ASPCA.

What a great night!
Here’s a pix of the poster.

05 6pm - 2

I’m going to publish this and see if these pix show up and how they look.

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  1. Stuart Kirschenbaum says:

    I was so impressed by Gayle’s artistic accomplishment. It transcended being another “cute animal story”…it was humerous, compassionate, thoughtful, clever. I believe in Gayle’s ability. She is a natural on the screen and her talents are yet to be excavated to the mother load. You made one cousin very proud tonight to say I knew her when she was pooping all over like Chelsea.

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