Waiting for the Kings

I am down in Virginia waiting for the Kings to come home from Albania with the adopted son, Ryan, who is two. The Kings are dwarfs and so is Ryan. I was planning on going over with them but Chelsea was near death and I couldn’t leave her. I know this journey has been quite long and challenging for them in many ways. You will see this in the upcoming TV show. Tina is only 3’2″. David just a few inches taller. And he was not well. The heat got to 104 degrees and I understand there were times they didn’t have air conditioning. I am now in their home waiting for the crew to bring them back. Raegan, their adorable 8 year old daughter is with her nana making brownies. They both have missed them terribly. And what a challenge this trip must have been. I can’t wait to see this family reunion.

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