Urban kvetch- dog fashion

Dressing your dog. Okay, you know when you buy clothing for yourself, you want to make sure you have the right style for your body, the right color for your skin, the right fabric, that feels good on you? What about your dog? Shouldn’t you use those same skills and considerations when dressing your loved 4 legged companion. What color hair/fur does your dog have? Is one full color? More than one? What’s the pattern of color? I’ll use Chelsea for example. She is black and white. That means earth tones are a no no. forget about green, brown. She looks best in black, red, white, yellow (combined with dark colors). Contrast is needed. Now for style. She has a cute figure and is low to the ground. Don’t want to put something on her that has long front legs that she will trip on. She has floppy ears which I keep short. She looks great in turtlenecks. Pretty sexy on her. Her black shearling coat is a head turner and she loves this coat. The soft fur about her body feels so smooth and warm. Her red Japanese, tightly fitting kimono is an elegant outfit for a special evening event. Like her HBO premiere party. Also, don’t ignore the collar and leash. They should be coordinated in addition to functional.
I know you all must think I have lost my marbles but I’ve been noticing walking on the trendy streets of the NYC how poorly dressed and coordinated so many dogs are who are attached to well groomed humans. Let’s just say, in my house Chelsea is better dressed than I am. I do not even have a Shearling coat. Hell, she deserves it.
Have a great day! xoxoGayel

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