update- Provincetown

Philly was quite a wonderful experience. It was the first International Dog Film Festival and we were found through the internet. It was at the Museum of Natural Sciences and it was sold out with a three page waiting list. People were annoyed that they couldn’t get in. Chelsea was not there physically because she wasn’t allowed into the museum. But she was there in every other way. Of course, most people asked where she was, afterall, she is the star. No problem, she needed a rest. My faithful and incredible assistant, Roja, came down and assisted in selling the DVDs. There were lots of films, mostly short shorts, 2-10 minutes. We were the longest at 30. We made a weekend of this and visited old friends who I hadn’t seen in at least 16 or 18 years. They now had a 14 year old son. Amazing what can happen over a decade or two. I did come down with the guy I’m dating which I can’t go into now. Funny, after the film a common question, I’m asked is if I met someone. If you see the flick you will know why. I hestitate to say yes. Not sure where my current relationship is heading. Quite challenging in many ways. Did I mentioned I received an email from someone I was hanging with in college. Thirty years later…wow! I was written up in my alumni- Suny Binghamton and voila he found me. The one thing about being out there…like I am at the moment, due to the website, the film and press, is that people find you. So far, I’ve been thrilled about everyone who has. I’m a bit sentimental and love to have contact from friends. I just got bad news yesterday. My best friend in first grade, Gail Seslowe passed away from a heart attack. Too young. Chelsea is pacing and giving me that look like when are we going out. I better sign off. Please write. And yes, we are headed to Provincetown next Thursday. Our dogamentary is screening at the Provincetown International film Festival on next Friday and Saturday, hit here for details.
And I’ve been asked about the DVD. You can also buy in a VHS format and it does have all the extras too. Go to
http://www.dogamentary.com/main.html and then hit DVD/VHS button. We are on Amazon too but it’s better for us if you buy it from our site. Please spread the word. We will soon be looking to set up a screening tour to raise money for animal welfare groups and will find a sponsor. If you are interesed in being involved, please email me.

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