Hey Readers!  I’m really excited to share this info with you!!! We may talk about some serious topics here at the Kirschenbaum Productions Blog, but today I get to make a fun announcement and I’m thrilled!

So to all you dog lover’s out there, or more specifically avid Chelsea fans! (or follower’s of Gayle)  These city girls strike again! And have a whole chapter dedicated to their adventures in Jonathan Agronsky’s new book Shih Tzu Nation.

Shih Tzu Nation, America Falls for the Lion Dog, is a collection of 22 stories starring none other than Shih Tzu’s! All of the stories are about the loving relationships between a Shih Tzu (or Shih Tzus) and his/her owner.  Agronsky himself explains his revelation about Shih Tzu’s and how he fell in love with them.  So if you too have fallen for a Shih Tzu, or are looking for a gift for a dog lover, check out Shih Tzu Nation (just in time for the Holidays!) 

Gayle & Chelsea, our former HBO stars, have a whole chapter dedicated to their inspirational journey and loving “Mother / Dogter” relationship.  Check them out at www.dogamentary.com as well!

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