Touched me – Fan Mail about Dogamentary

I was in Europe when I opened this email. It really touched me. This is what keeps me going doing what I’m doing.
Thank you!

“Hi Gayle,

I didn’t think it would ever be possible for me to fall in love with someone in a movie, but it just may have happened 😉

Today I watched your film. I was charmed from the first minute to the last. I love the film, I love the whole idea of the film and I especially love the last few minutes of the film where you have Chelsea in your arms, bundled up. You’re talking about how you and Chelsea have each other. Then a man walks by, you say “Hello” and promptly ask him if he’s married and start walking with him. That’s ballsy, woman! Good for you.

I have seven dogs (no I’m not one of those whack job dog people with 12 years of old newspapers stacked up all over the house, invisible friends I talk to, a once a month shower schedule, etc.) and I’m so grateful for your sweet film.

As you may know, last week Time magazine called this The Decade From Hell. You’ve helped us all move a little closer to Heaven.

Continued success with your film,


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