The Little Kings show

We are in production on a new show I developed and sold to Discovery  about a wonderful dwarf family, The Kings, who are adopting a dwarf child in Albania.   They are there now and have gotten the final approval.  We are all incredibly excited.

Meet my new friends.   Will keep you all posted. I am hoping to get over to Albania to help them bring home their newly adopted son.  It’s been a long haul to get this far. Adoption is complicated enough never mind international adoption and adding on that the difficulties of being “little people” and just getting around, particularly in Albania. Let’s just say they haven’t passed the Albanian with Disabilities Act and improved conditions for the disabled.  As my grandmother would say, “Oy vay!”   I pray that their time there is a stressless as possible and filled with lots of love and joy.  What a great new family match!

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  1. Larry says:

    I just watched the TLC program about the Kings and their adoption of the Albanian child last night. What a story! This is an inspirational couple. How great is it for them to want to adopt that child. I hope everything is going well for them. Any updates available?

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