The Importance of All Relationships

Relationships, one of the many things that’s highlighted in Look At Us Now, Mother.  As we all know, relationships play a major role in our lives.  I read blogs, articles, books, and seen movies about all different kinds of relationships that humans have.  There’s the relationship you have with your friends, families, pets, significant others, bosses, co-workers, etc.  You name it, you have a relationship with it.  What I want to know is why each relationship we have with someone or somebody is significant or important?  (Mind you, as you read this , this is all based on what I’ve seen, read, and experienced from personal events of life).

To answer my own question, I started looking at the various types of relationships I have, and picked three to highlight.  I’ll start with Friends, because that’s always a good place to start.  Friends are nowhere near as annoying as your family members.  They help enhance your social life, by going to dinner with you in a new environment, or even introducing you to new people.  If you don’t want to talk about something with a family member, you most likely turn to your best friend, or closest friends.  Friends have been by your side for either a short period of time, or since you were both in diapers practically.  This type of relationship is important because you can classify some family, significant others, and even co-workers into this category.  You can have a lot of friends, whether it’s an acquaintance, close friend, best friend…the term “friend” is broad.  A friend will most likely always be there for you when you want to get away from everything, that’s what I’ve learned.

Significant others.  Either a lovely subject that makes your heart smile, or a hateful subject that fuels the fire for your hatred towards the person.  Whatever it may be, this relationship normally plays an important role in how you feel and what your mood is on a daily basis.  You wake up and fall asleep next to them, and if not, you always hear from them first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  To be corny, they “mean the world to you,” you “love and care about them so much,” and you “have never been made happier by anyone else.”  Your heart melts when you think of this person, and you would do just about anything for them.  So why is this relationship significant?  In my opinion, you want to share the most precious moments with who you claim to be your “other half.”  You will experience the most beautiful things in life with this person, and cherish them forever.  However, if things fail or succeed with this person, you grow and learn from the experience.  Trust me on this one.  This person will become part of who you are and who you become, and that’s one reason why this type of relationship is important.

Family.  You have your mom, dad, sisters or brothers, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents…the list goes on.  These people are with you in your life the day you’re born, and nothing will change that.  Even if you’re adopted, that new family and extended family will always be in your life, and that’s one reason why this type of relationship is the most important of them all.  The love you have for one another will be unconditional.  Yes, you will have tough times and hate them for brief periods of time, but that’s life.  We also may have a great relationship with one parent and not the other.  Your bond with these people is unbreakable.  Here’s an example of a family relationship that was nowhere near great, but with hard work, it became powerful:

Look At Us Now, Mother! takes a look at Gayle’s very unique relationship with her mother.  Although their relationship wasn’t great when Gayle was growing up, she and her mother are now best friends because family is inseparable.  Gayle’s mother was not kind to Gayle while she was growing up, and once convinced her to get a nose job.  Now they’re best friends and are mending their once broken relationship.  There’s no way to describe it, but families work in weird, but wonderful ways.

The moral and message of this blog is to emphasize how important each relationship in your life is, and how important it is that you cherish each relationship you have.  You will never realize what you have until it’s gone, so cherish it like you would an unhatched bird egg.  Family, friends, significant others, co-workers, bosses, the list can go on and on, but these relationships will play a key role in how you live your life.  As humans, we thrive on relationships with people to learn, interact, and not go certifiably insane.  So here’s my advice: don’t isolate yourself from anyone.  Build up your existing relationships, and even start some new ones.  Get out there, be a social butterfly, and enjoy your life with the people that matter most to you.

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