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Thanksgiving: A Time to Focus on the Positive

With Thanksgiving only 2 days away, I felt it was only appropriate to do a post about focusing on the positive, and being thankful for the good in your life.

Positive thinking has an insanely large amount of health benefits.  Studies show not only the positive short-term effects (such as lower stress levels and higher resistance to the common cold), but long-term effects as well.  Positive thinkers and optimists have lower rates of depression, less risk of cardio-vascular disease and even reduced frailty during old age! (For more information on Positive Thinking, check out Kendra Cherry’s articles on about.com)

With all of these benefits considered, I think its fair to ask everyone to drop their worries & their troubles and focus on positives, at least for this weekend.  After all it’s Thanksgiving and that is what this holiday is all about!  As amazing as turkey & stuffing & mashed potatoes & pumpkin pie & … (oh boy, now I’m getting hungry… you get the point) all are, there is something more to this holiday.  Its about taking the time to appreciate what you do have, and looking at your glass half full.  The more you do that, the more your glass will fill up.

When I was younger, my mother (a teacher) always made all of the kids at our table for Thanksgiving dinner go around and say what we were thankful for.  I’m not saying you have to be as open and elementary school as that, but for me it definitely formed a habit of taking a moment to reflect on the things in my life that made me happy.  That is what I am asking you to do.  Take a moment and focus on the positives; what is going your way right now, who makes you happy, even look for the good in your loved ones who get on your nerves.  Find the good and focus on it.  If you do, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll have an amazing holiday.

Thanksgiving is also the perfect time to strengthen your relationships.  In an article by Dr. Susan Heitler on psychologytoday.com, she provides 10 ways to strengthen the bonds between you and your family/friends.  The perfect time to implement these strategies is this weekend!  Dr. Heitler mentions expressing appreciation, cooking together, eating together, laughing together, and many other simple activities that all occur (or can occur if you let them) on Thanksgiving.  Even cleaning up together would do the trick!

So from all of us at Kirschenbaum Productions, we wish you a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!!  And we hope you take the time to reflect positively on your life and appreciate all the good in it.  I know I am thankful for growing up in a big loving family whom I can still surround myself with whenever I’m feeling down & for good friends who have stuck with me through some of the most difficult times and some of the best.  What are you thankful for?

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