Sunday morning- Chelsea’s Birthday

I woke up feeling a bit gloomy. Have so much to do. Taxes, expenses, paperwork, writing, website, must not forget gym. Love…where’s love? That should be on this list. Chelsea is still asleep. She needs her beauty rest. Perhaps I’ll take her down to the river. Looking at the water is quite consoling. We live next to the river. There’s a wonderful bike bath which Chelsea and I use. She sits in the basket of my bike and we head all over. Sometimes even to Brooklyn.

Wow! It’s Chelsesa birthday. Don’t ask how old! You never ask a woman there age particularly a star. You know there is age discrimination in Hollywood for women. I’ll say good-bye for now.

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  1. roja says:

    Why be gloomy gayle…your premiere is around the corner, you just had a fabulous party, and you have me as an assistant!

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