Spring Time

06 702am - 1Chelsea and I are heading down to Florida to visit my mom and brother and his family. I will see first hand how mom is doing since Dad’s passing. By phone, she sounds great. Keeping quite busy. A Dog’s Life was invited to the Festival in Avignon in June and mom and I are making a holiday of it, stopping in Germany and making a little trip in France. Should be fun. It will be the first time I traveled alone with mom but I’ve been saying for years from everyone in my family she is the most adventurous and most likely the one who I’d enjoyed traveling with. Haven’t been in Europe since the Euros. No bargains in Europe anymore.
Due to dad’s death there has been several weeks which passed that I didn’t post some pictures from before. Chelsea and I went to Fire Island this winter and were there for a snow storm. It was wonderful. Here’s a picture of Chelsea wearing her ski suit.

Oh, I had a bizarre dream about Chelsea. Someone had said they spotted fleas on her and I couldn’t find them. I took her out for a walk and “shit” out a pigeon and then kept going and shit out another one. What the hell does that mean?
Okay, all got to go. Be well. Hugs and licks, Gayle and Chelsea

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