Shih Tzu Meetup gather

05 802am - 1Hi all,
This pix was taken at the NY Shih Tzu meet up group. There’s my girl in the center. Just when I think I’m the only nut about my baby I meet several other mommies who make me feel like normal. This is a great group of Shih Tzus and humans. Do you know about It’s a great site to find people of common interests. I just joined a sailing group and a few others.

As I write this, I’m in Florida. Chelsea is in NY with her nannies. I had to fly down here quickly due to a death in my family. My aunt. Chelsesa is heading to New Hampshire on Sunday with her nannies who are really the family that love her dearly. They have a gorgeous summer home on a great piece of property and Chelsea always loves it there. I miss her already. But we decided it was best to do since I will have to do some more traveling for business. I’m heading to Vegas, not my favorite city, but who cares, for a conference in the home video world. I’ll be there with the DVD of A DOG’S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY and hopefully selling tons and securing a distribution deal. The last time I was in Vegas I was making a movie about Debbie REynolds and her daughter, Carrie Fisher, for Lifetime.. an Intimate Portrait. Debbie Reynolds owned a hotel there.

So what’s new in my romantic life? Well, the guy who is married who I dumped I’m back in touch with but as he recommends I’m keeping my options open. So who knows who will come into my life. I’m planning on doing lots of sailing this summer and when Chelsea returns from New Hampshire I’m getting her a life jacket and see how she handles the seas.

Oh, and yes, it’s me in Oprah magazine. I was celebrating my milestone birthday.

Okay, lots of love to all and please write.

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