Come to Scarsdale Library October 25th, Wednesday 7:30 PM to see our films. Chelsea will be joining me. Get to meet the Diva Dog.

What else is going on? Moving. Yes, quickly, moving not from New York but from one apartment to another. Lots of work and must happen quickly. It’s a good thing but our home is so important to us and it’s hard to focus on work in the midst of pulling this off. Construction, boxes, designing, organizing. ADD, attention deficit disorder. Not diagnosed with this but am convinced I am border line. I find my mind constantly switching thought directions. Just like now. I hate when I interrupt myself. And I know how you feel when I interrupt you. My excuse – if I don’t say it now I will forget it. Poor excuse.

Love, you all want to know about love, don’t you. And I have been surprised to learn that more people are reading this than I thought, people in my life now or before. It is a great way to keep up with someone. Well, I’m going to love a secret for now. Let your minds wander. Has she found the guy? Is she finally in love and settling down? is that why her skin looks so good? I can’t believe her age. What’s her secret? All good questions. Skin, well recently I was turned on to La Mer. Ladies, are you familiar with their products? It seems to be doing miracle work on me and my mom. Our faces look younger than ever, it’s our bodies which are aging. Aging, now that’s a good topic. how long are our bodies made to last? I suppose if you look at our body as a car, if you maintain it regularly, bring it in for a tune up on schedule, change and clean the fluids regularly, treat it with love, don’t brake too hard, your car wil last longer and that applies to everything, even ourselves. I tend to avoid eating and drinking anything that will make me feel bad. Now, I know others who just jump right in, eat the food they know they are allergic to, drink the booze they know will make them sick, and then suffer stomach pains, nausea and gas. Explain this me? Why? Okay, I am no saint, if that’s what you are thinking, I just don’t like to be sick so why instigate it. Rambling, that’s what I’m doing. Sitting in a cafe with a ton of work I need to do. My film MY NOSE ( a work-in-progress) played at the IFP film market and I have much follow up to do… need to quiet the mind and sink into it. Been in the contracting mindset for the new loft, need to ease out of that state and into a creative writing state. yoga. Want to get to a class today. Chelsea is home sleeping. She seems to be enjoying her sleep more these days. In fact, I wake up early and sneak out to go for a run and to the gym and leave her up in the loft. She doesn’t seem to mind. Before if I slipped out of bed and didn’t take her down with me, she would be crying non-stop so demanding of my time. I wonder how she wil take to this move. Just distracted again by a call. Phone shut off now. And my time to say good-bye to you. Remember I love you all and wish you happy and abundant times.

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