06 813am - 1After more than 25 years I was reunited with my cousin, Carol all because of Chelsea. When I think about it there are so many people who have come back into my life because of my little dog-ter. They have either found the website by accident, for example Kathi now in Florida, was researching Shih Tzus in quest of getting one, Eric from Brussels, a friend I met in the late 70s skiing in the French alps, was doing research on dogs for a TV show he was producing. Others have read about me and Chelsea in the press or seen us on TV or heard us on the radio. Or some saw A Dog’s Life when it premiered on HBO. However they found us, I’m thrilled to have all these people back into my life. I say life is like a play and on the stage just so many people can fit at one time, so the lights go down on one and come up on another. So essentially all the people we meet in our life are always there but sometimes the light is dim on them allowing the light to shine on another, but in the future when the time is right the light will shine on them again.
What’s going on here? Busy working and having fun, too. Did the five-boro bike-a-thon and was just upstate. A dear friend bought the most gorgeous B&B, an old Victorian House. Okay, back to work. Have a great day all!
And if I didn’t mention this before, Chelsea and I will be at the White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia on July 11th, Sunday 7Pm screening. I will update the screening page with all else that is going on.
Hugs, Gayle Licks, Chelsea and switch those around! Have a great day!

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