06 1144am - 1Everytime I go to make an entry I realize how much time has passed and just don’t know where to start. Okay, so what’s the latest news? A Dog’s Life is playing up in Scarsdale at the library October 25th library. Check screenings for details. Chelsea and I will be attending . We will also be screening MY NOSE work-in-progress. MY NOSE just screened at the IFP market in NY and got a great response. For more info go to We are looking for an Executive Producer.
Life in New York is pretty hectic. Last month I had a huge family reunion in Montreal. I will include a picture. It appears to be of the women. Cousins saw each other for the first time in 40 years. It was so heartwarming. What happened was when I moved back to NY I decided to find my Canadian family. I did and visited them last Xmas. I write about it on the blog. They were so inspired that they decided to host a family reunion. All I can say is there is nothing better than reconnecting with family that you really like. They have become incredibly successful, worked really hard to get there and cant’ be more generous and down to earth.
I haven’t actually really figured out how to upload a picture and put in the place you want it but I’m grateful I can at least upload it. I will say good-bye for now but promise to be back soon. Take care! Gayle

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