Rainy Monday night.

What a horrible weather day! Windy and rainy. Chelsesa is pretty bold. There is a section in the back of our building where there is soil and plants. She loves to go there and do her business and kick up the dirt. Everytime she does that she reminds me she really is a dog who just happens to be a diva. Many have asked about my dating life. Chelsea has met a man whom she seems to have a great connection with. He gives her many massages and has a warm, loving heart towards her. He is not light with his hands but she just takes it from this sweet, macho man. I dig him, too. Fun to hang with. We all laugh lots. Having a male buddy who we hang with definitely is great. Chelsea and I can get use his company but we need to have our time to get all our work done.

We’ve receiving many touching emails from Shih Tzu parents. Some of are from folks who just lost their Shih Tzu child. How sad and painful. We send our healing love.

Anyone know a good doggie psychic? Write to us. We love to hear from you.

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