Just back from the Provincetown International Film Festival at the tip of Cape Cod. We sold the DVD to several people including five stores. So, if you end up in Provincetown check out the pet stores and video stores there. Chelsea, of course, was with me and a male friend. Yes, the one I’ve written about before. Don’t get excited. I doubt he will be my husband but we have a good time together. Provincetown is quaint. One main street, Commercial Street, filled with shops, restaurants and some street performers, mostly Drag Queens. The weather was cool which I didn’t mind. Didn’t get into a bathing suit. I’d rather it be cool than hot and humid. Okay, the newsletter is on its way. Stay tuned.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I highly recommend this DVD for everyone who loves dogs, who is involved with hospice care and who is thinking of getting a dog. It is educational, loving and extremely well created.

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