Post sailing & Vegas

I can’t believe how much time has passed since I wrote. I have since learned that several people in my life seem to be checking out the blog. I’d be really inspired if you wrote a comment… then I’d know you are out there paying attention, interested in what’s going on with me, with Chelsea. Just say anything.

I’m pretty pooped. Went sailing tonight on the Long Island Sound. No moon, no stars but a nice breeze. There is something so healing about feeling the wind on my face. I just returned from Vegas. No, Chelsea didn’t come. She is in New Hampshire and has been there for nearly a month. I will be going there in a couple of days to get her. Vegas was a business trip. I went pedaling the DVD at a conference for home video. Met some interesting folks and definitely sparked interest. I had a chance to see old friends who live there.

So, if you entered my life and we got to know each other and let’s say we dated and I started writing about you in this blog but never mentioned your name, would that piss you off? What are blogs for? Isn’t this where you can just let your mind wander, a diary but public, a place that is safe as long as you don’t intentionally hurt someone but then again I guess plenty of people feel free to do that. If you know me, if I encounter you one way or another, you might end up here but I’ll distort you if you like, make you hard to be recognized. … Love… where can I go with that word, that feeling? Compassion, power, generousity, humor. Laughter, it’s so important laugh, to see the light side of life. I have a friend who just loss his wife of 37 years, they were never apart, they were partners in every way, work, love, friends. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be lose someone who has he put was his other half. I’ve never had that kind of relationship. How did I go from laughter to death and grieving? I’ve been accused by my last b-friend of being ADD. I tested negative but I think he is right. My wanders all the time and I’m great at interrupting not only the person I’m talking with but worst of all, myself. How rude!

I’m rambling and my head is spinning along with my body which feels like I’m still rocking on the sail boat. It’s late and I need to say good-night and head up to the loft. Sweet dreams! Chelsea will be writing, too once she gets back on the computer.

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