With the help and inspiration of my new and astute staff, we are starting a podcast.  About time, right?  A little late on this one.  So, what are we going to do?

  • Follow me around as I explore some issues in life, including critical parents.
  • Step into my life — how deep and how intimate, yet to be determined.
  • Mom, the star of MY NOSE will be prominently featured, mostly through the phone and webcam until she and I are together. My senior mom (can’t tell you her age because she keeps it a secret, even kept it from me until a few years ago when my brothers asked me what are we going to do for mom’s _____ (milestone birthday). I was shocked with that question, believing she was a few years younger, according to what she had been telling me, her only daughter )
    Mom is ready to go public. She loves an audience and has been known to do crazy things to get that attention.  I know you are thinking that apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. However, I do have my limits, okay!!
  • Meet my prominent staff and cabinet members

And so on.

Otherwise, all is good.  We welcome any ideas or suggestions.

Hugs, Gayle

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