New Hampshire

Chelsea and I have taken a break from the city and headed up to the country. We have been enjoying the nature and people of New Hampshire, a state with only one area code. There are twelve other states. Do you know which they are?

We went for a hike in the Franconia Notch State Park .. the flume. 2 miles long and she ran most of the time. What a pistol!

The Flume
The Flume

Franconia State Park




Now, we are both planted in a local library. Chelsea is sleeping and you know what I’m doing.
Take a look at some of the pix. I took a horseback riding lesson with Jill at Littlemore Farm in Tamworth. If you are a horse lover and end up in this area you must go there and say from me.

Jill, Pepper (the horse),  Gayle
Jill, Pepper (the horse), Gayle

You might have figured out by the looks of this blog I have no idea how to control the layout when you insert pictures. They seem to end up where I don’t expect them to and then the text does its thing. Okay, I’m going to upload this anyway, eventhough it “don’t look good.”

Have a great day and more adventures and beautiful sites to come.

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