New Hampshire July 4th weekend

Finally got out of the city and drove up to New Hampshire yesterday.  A magical place.  Forests, green lush, mountains, and lakes.  My dear friends have a home from the 1700s here on an incredible piece of property with a stream running through it.  White caps gushing. It’s been raining SO MUCH.  It’s hard to believe it’s already July and it’s still a cool.   I LOVE IT here!  Would love to escape up here for a month and just read and write and enjoy the nature.

Chelsea was quite sick a couple of weeks ago and I thought this was it.  I was already looking into Chelsea’s resting place.  When the time comes she will be buried at Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, the oldest pet cemetery in America. I already checked it out. I’m looking for a sculptor who can make a special monument with the image of Chelsea sculpted out of it.   And guess what?  You can also be buried with your 4 legged companion there.. if you are cremated.  I know where my remains are going if I end up still single when the time comes for me –  right next to my canine soulmate and partner for many years.

The vets (yes, I got two opinions) and 2 ultrasounds told me that Chelsea has a mass inside her and her kidney and liver are failing.  She was prescribed medicine that I was giving her which was a struggle to get down her.  She could barely walk, was peeing on herself and had no appetite.  I was advised that a high protein diet was bad for her due to her liver problems. I decided since she looked so miserable and her time seem to be short to take her off her meds, feed her whatever she would eat (and yes, she loved my homemade brisket) and shower her with tons of love (not that I didn’t give her plenty before) and if she held up to take her to New Hampshire, a place she loves just as much as I do.  She quite quickly did a come back.  Her energy started coming back, her appetite slowly came back and now she is behaving like a pup again.  I had her groomed (thought she would never be groomed again) and we hit the road.  I’m SO HAPPY Chelsea has done a turn around. I was a mess. Crying for two weeks.  Chelsea is 15 years old and she rescued me nearly 14 years ago when I was living in Los Angeles and traveling quite a bit as a producer. The film we made tells it all. See

I’m sitting in the Frontside Grind in North Conway.  Free wifi and good coffee. A couple of summers ago I came here often. Hooked up with rock climbers and Mike Jewell, a legendary guide, took me out.  Felt pretty comfortable that first time. Haven’t done it again.
Looks like the rain has let up. Time to head outside.   Have fun!


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