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I unexpectedly received a call the day before last that the Today show wanted to come and tape Chelsea and me. They are producing a segment on human/canine bond and the changes which are happening in today’s world and workplace. They interviewed the founder of Anthropologie where you can take your dog to work. So, the crew came over and shot us for a few hours of which perhaps thirty seconds or a minute will appear on TV. It’s scheduled for Friday morning around 8:00 AM.

This Sunday Chelsea and I headed to Philadelphia for the White Dog Cafe screening. You can learn more at their site www.whitedog.com. We will spend the night there and Chelsea will be personally signing DVDs.

Also, we are in construction on a new site for KirschenbaumProductions.com. Where you will eventually learn about what’ve done and what we are doing. Our new film is called MY NOSE. Quite funny. Here are some comments just from the trailer.

Here are some early raves for the trailer:

“Very funny!” Josh Sapan, CEO, Rainbow Media Holdings (founder of IFC, WE, Bravo, Fuse TV)

“What a riot!” Debbie Hauesler, Agent

“I love it. It’s great!” Albert Maysles, legendary filmmaker (Gimme Shelter)

“Playful and poignant”  Channel 4, UK

“Quite funny” Bravo TV

“Your teaser is charming.” Sundance Channel

Indeed, the AP writer who reviewed my last film fell in love with the trailer and used his power and connections to plug the film with a broadcaster. He wrote, “The edited footage that I saw, along with Gayle’s larger plans – to touch on issues of vanity, ethnic identification, nose-aesthetics – got me pretty pumped up. I offered to do something I’ve never done before — intercede with a plug. I’m not really doing this for Gayle, as much as for myself: The film she seems to have in mind is something I’d really like to see.”

We are raising funds to finish it.
How to donate:

All donations $200 and above are tax-deductible and in addition you get your name chiseled in the credits (if you like) and depending on your contribution you can even get an impressive credit like “Associate Producer” or even “Producer”.

DCTV (Downtown Community Television) is a non-profit film organization which services the independent film community. They are our 501 3 c fiscal sponsor.  Checks $200 and more are made out to DCTV (Downtown Community Television) with “My Nose” written on the bottom and mail to Kirschenbaum Productions, 302A West 12th St. #157, NY, NY 10014. All contributions under $200 are made out to Kirschenbaum Productions.

Fundraising House parties
There is another opportunity: If you can really get behind this project and want to work with me, I’m looking for someone who can orchestrate fundraising house parties. That means you get a bunch of your friends, colleagues, acquaintances together and host an evening where I show this trailer and fill the crowd in on the film, its current state and where it’s heading. It’s a fun night and we all get to laugh, mingle and My Nose keeps getting funded on its way to the finish line.

You can always email if you have any questions to info@dogamentary.com.

Have a great day!

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