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Hi all,
A few new things to report. Firstly, I did a reading of some essays and stories I’ve written. Went over well and was asked if the stories are available on the web. I think I will post some of them on the site.

But I did just upload a bunch of photographs I have taken using my Treo phone. I’m fairly excited about these pix. My education and background was in art and photography and I lost all interest in creating still images until now. This phone allows me to shoot when no one knows I am shooting, allows me to capture special moments in time, moments in life. Please take a look at these pix and tell me what you think. Click on Photography at

Also, I just put up a
Okay, Chelsea is doing great. She is sleeping now but otherwise, enjoying herself. We just went to Cabrini Hospice and made our rounds. It is such rewarding work. Chelsea lights up the patients and their visitors.
Have a great day and please write!
Love, Gayle Licks, Chelsea

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