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In addition to working.. I did some great bike trips. One was out to the Rockaways – Breezy Point. I’m including a pix. My camera of choice for the last few years has been my cell phone – the Treo – yes, I will upgrade soon but I’m really enjoying the immediacy of these images.

Now for other news – MY NOSE has a long life with no bumps like my real nose has. It continues to be found and plays festivals all over the world. It will be playing this Sunday, October 26th at the Jewish Women’s Film Festival in NY at the Goldman-Sonnenfelt Family Auditorium at the Jewish Community Center, 334 Amsterdam Avenue at 74th Street in Manhattan. the National Council of Jewish Women (NY) is the organizer.

Now if you are in Israel you could see MY NOSE at the Jewish Eye – World Jewish Film Festival in Ashkelon, Israel-
It plays October 22nd and October 27th/

click this link for all screening details

About MY NOSE:
A single woman, her mother and her nose creates a dangerous love triangle.
Looking one’s best has its place. But what do you do when you think you look good and your mother is convinced what you need more than anything else is a nose job? MY NOSE is a funny, personal documentary that will explore my mother’s preoccupation with my nose, the intricacies of the mother/daughter relationship and what drives people into the plastic surgeon’s office.

“Dazzling self-confidence” Washington Post
“A big little movie” Thrive
“Hilarious romp” Jewish Week

You can view a trailer and learn more at

By the way, my mother cannot understand why My Nose is considered a Jewish film and I have to admit I was also shocked. When I made it and perhaps you don’t know that this was really cut as a promo in efforts to raise money and attract a broadcaster to make it longer, a more in depth film- it was selected for the IFP market in NY – a film market. It was then that Annette Insdorf, a great woman, a film critic and academic who I sent it to in hopes of connecting with an angel and instead she responded asking if she could start recommending it to film festivals as is. I said it was a just a promo and she pointed out that it’s a great stand alone short. So I smacked on credits, replaced the music with original music I had the rights to and sent it out. The rest is history. The film has been playing all over the world in regular festivals – and many Jewish film festivals which I quite honestly never knew a thing about and never knew there were so many. You know considering Jews, which I am one of, are a minority in the world, I’m amazed at how many film festivals there are. I guess we just love to create.

What makes my film a Jewish film? Me, my nose, my mom??? I do know when MY NOSE was programmed at a event with violent, narrative films with primarily black casts – I was so concerned that my film shouldn’t be there and the audience which was primarily black would hate my film. That’s not what happened. I was surrounded by people coming over to me telling me how much they enjoyed. So I guess the issues I touch on in MY NOSE transcend the Jewish world. I was relieved to know that. Everyone has a nose and a mother, right?

One more thing, I am working on a live show. Yup.. I’m just in the writing phase and the very beginning. It’s time for me come forward in front of a live audience. Apparently, I have enough chutzpah to be honest about all the stuff I’ve been through and spill the beans, and hopefully done with humor. I will incorporate film – yes, I have lots of archival footage since my folks bought the 8 mm camera when I was born. I just made a film for my mom’s bday. it’s a biggie but I can’t tell you how old. She tells all my friends and family but does not tell her friends that she hangs out with in Boca. I am sworn to secrecy just in case someone reads this blog and it gets back to her. Let’s just say she looks great for her age and is quite swift in her mind, too. Where was I? Oh, if only I had my mom’s memory and eyesight for that matter. I need glasses – progressive and serious reading glasses. Mom does not. I ask her to read things for me. What’s wrong with that picture?

Okay, so if you are around in NY on November 3rd at 8 PM, I will be reading at the Telephone Bar & Grill, 149 Second Avenue between 9th and 10th Avenue. It’s over at 9 PM.

That’s it for now. Write- I would love to hear from you and if you want to get my newsletter email me. I write just a few a year. And friend me on Facebook.
Have a great day, week, month. Until next time.

Oh, Chelsea is doing great. Sorry not to mention her. I will add a pix. Just a minute. Let me find it on my computer.

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