My Dad’s passing

It is nearly two months since I’ve made an entry and much has happened. Some good and something horrible. My niece got married. I had a few business trips and then on February 6th my father had a massive stroke. He was fine before. In fact, we were dancing at a wedding together. They didn’t give him a good prognosis and we took him off feeding and let him die in hospice. What was so horrible was watching his body become a corpse laying there without food and water. His feet became discoloured and his feet turned blue. OMG, to watch someone you love transform like that within days it’s so painful. I have been lucky to have had both parents for a long time. Dad never wanted to be kept alive on machines or live in a nursing home. He had a living will and we honored that. But where is Dr Kevorkian? Wouldn’t it be more humane to give someone a shot and let them die peacefully. I can go on and on about this and his death but I will spare you. Chelsea wasn’t there. My mom was so stressed and I know she is not a dog person and didn’t want Chelsea down there so I left her with Jane and Theresa. She is with me know and we flying down together today. I pray for my mom’s strength and power to heal from losing her partner of 63 years.

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