Monday night in the Big Apple

05 809pm - 1So, are you reading this? Yes… then why don’t write to me or Chelsea? Are you a voyuer? Do you like to peek into people’s lifes? That’s good because I like to share, share my stories, my life. What titillating story can I tell you? Are you a dog lover or do you just know me and want to get into my head or Chelsea’s head? Summer, heat. It’s been so hot in NY with thunderstorms. I love a good electrical storm but Chelsea panics, starts shaking. I was at the gym yesterday when it started to pour and thunder. The winds were heavy and my bike which was chained to a pole was nearly on the ground held up only by the the heavy duty chain. I wanted to unlock it and head home so I could take my shaking dog-ter and hold her in my arms and reassure her it was okay. But the winds were so strong and everyone advised me to wait it out. I did. There was a slight break and I ran for it. Got the bike unlocked and peddled quickly home. The storm had stopped, temporarily and Chelsea was okay. No hints of emotional damage. We were together and I held her tightly and told her how much I loved her. She looked at me and gave me a kiss. Chelsea loves to tongue. For the longest time she would only French me but now, years later after being a therapy dog and having many human friends who love her she is quite free with her kisses, however, still selective.
Chelsea spent a month in New Hampshire. It’s gorgeous, God’s country. I will upload a few pix. My little girl even went in the lake. She is quite the swimmer.

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