Mom is sick

Mom has been up from Florida visiting when she got sick. Not just a cold, not just a cough but a case of pneumonia. Not major, but enough. Some spots on one of her lungs. Today is her last day of the Z pack and she is insisting on flying home to Florida on her scheduled flight. Nothing I do or say will stop her. Her skin is pale, she has been having a serious case of night sweats and looks dehydrated but she is still a force to be reckoned with. We’ve given her a mask and insist she wears it on the plane, more to protect the others from her than she from them. I hope her flight is far from full and she gets a seat with no neighbors. Knowing mom, the mask will probably stay in her bag where it is now. She’ll arrive late at night, won’t call a friend to pick her up because she doesn’t want to bother anyone and wait for the Shuttle bus to take her home. That in it self could take a couple of hours. And she is walking into an empty home. No one there to help her. Yes, she has friends that will come by and offer a helping hand. Particularly Susan who is a nurse and will most likely be there more than she will care to have company. So there goes my Run Away Mother on the next plane out. She is from the old school…just like Debbie Reynolds, who I made a film about her and her daughter Carrie Fisher years ago for Lifetime. Debbie at that time owned a hotel in Las Vegas and she was quite sick when I arrived with my crew. She was all made up drinking cough medicine and as soon as the camera started rolling you would never know there was anything wrong with her. A real pro. Just like my mom. She doesn’t succumb to her illness. She forges on. Perhaps a martyr. For sure a force.

Let’s pray she gets home and better soon. Or I’m on the next plane down.

Have a great day!

Much love,

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