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When I came back from Israel I sunk myself into developing and shooting a new project called MELTING POT. We shot two shows so far – a wonderful Haitian family where Yanick who is the mom and cook brings us into her world and kitchen and then we shot Rabbi Raskin and his beautiful wife Shternie who does the same. The Raskins are Lubavitch and I have seen them numerous times since we shot this summer.. been invited over for Shabbat meals and holidays such as Sukkot, and tonight I’m heading over for Simchat Torah. Let’s just say the Raskins and Yanick have now become friends. That’s what the show is about.. I enter people’s home of various cultural backgrounds – homes you would normally not be invited into unless you were part of the family, community or a friend. I learn how to cook a traditional meal and stay for dinner and learn family secrets and traditions.
Here’s what people are saying about MELTING POT:

“I would watch “Melting Pot” in a minute. You nailed it. It’s exactly the kind of show that we need to promote world community. Even though I HATE cholent. What is so wonderful about it is the non-slickness of your encounters and your being menschy (femenschy??) with the people. This is so good.”

We are all excited about it. We are looking for the outlet to broadcast on. I want to introduce you to them visually.

The picture of Rabbi Raskin holding something up with his fork – is him eating cholent – a bone which he takes out the bone marrow and says to the camera, “People kill for this.” Yum, have you ever eating this. By the way, Rabbi Aaron Raskin founded the Chabad center in Brooklyn Heights and his wife founded Kiddie Korner a school for kids. They are both amazing people. The shot of the Rabbi, Shternie and me is when we are looking into the crockpot for the meat in the cholent. By the way, cholent is the dish orthodox prepare for the Shabbat. They prepare it in advance since you can not cook during Shabbat and it stays warm on either a low flame which is not touched at all during the Sabbath or in a crockpot. No lights, no fire, no TV, no work, no money exchange during Shabbat. It’s a day of rest.

Yanick is the gorgeous Haitian woman. Look at her smile. Yanick is a great cook and baker and she has a catering business. This woman never sleeps. We cooked down in the basement where she built a second kitchen – pretty smart – why make the one upstairs dirty. I learned how to make beef oxtails with eggplant and black rice. The rice is black from mushrooms. Her grown kids, siblings and grandchildren all showed up for dinner. Boy, I learned a lot about their culture and family dynamics. They explained to me how important education was and that the parents work hard to make sure their kids have higher education. Yanick’s kids all do. Much love in Yanick’s and the Raskin’s family.

I love this show and not because I created it but because I love meeting people from different worlds and getting to know them well. We are living in a diverse world. Ignorance breeds prejudice. You might work in the office with people from different ethnic backgrounds.. but unless you are invited back home, you don’t really know about their traditions. It’s time to go behind close doors and learn about each other. We are all essentially the same – we all have the same basic needs and we all want to be loved.

I always say that if everyone got a good hug each day, there would be less crime. Boy, am I on a rant here. This show is filled with love and humor – and entertaining and educational at the same time.

If this sparks your interest, please comment. I will be looking other stories – Would love go to an Amish family, a Native American reservation and so on. And we are looking for business partners/investors to take this to the next level. Sponsors… etc. Please let me know.

You can view the trailer at

Much is going on in my life now – and thank God my creative juices are flowing. More in the next entry.

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