Meet Brian Ihnen

Hey all, my name is Brian Ihnen and I’m an assistant-editor intern at Kirschenbaum Productions. I grew up in Seattle, but in 2007 I moved to New York to attend Hofstra University. While I was there I majored in film production and minored in history. After graduating I decided to remain in the area, and I now live in Jersey City.

I love to travel. My most recent trip was in 2011, where I went to the Netherlands and France with one of my friends. Despite the nation-wide wall of blizzards between me and my flight to Europe and almost suffocating on the airplane, we managed to make it there in one piece and had a fantastic time. In eighth grade I also went to Peru with my school, where I learned that asking for vegetarian food will nine times out of ten will just get you a microwaved omelet, usually with sausage in it.

I have a pretty wide taste in film and TV shows, but I especially love horror, science-fiction, and dramas. When I was a child Fridays through Sundays were movie nights every week at my house. Because of this I was exposed to a wide variety of films, and have loved movies ever since. After that point, helping to create new films became my second highest goal in life (the first goal being to go to space, of course). Because of this, I’m really happy to be a part of Look at us Now Mother.



I think dogs are cute and all, but I’m definitely more of a cat person (don’t tell Gayle).

I have a paralyzing fear of mind readers; just the suggestion that one may be in the vicinity can send me halfway into a panic attack.

I have an unhealthy obsession with villain songs.

I have four tattoos, but only because I can’t afford a fifth.

No matter how cheesy or terrible it may be, once I watch enough of a soap opera I am incapable of not becoming addicted and watching ever episode until it ends.

Thanks to my nerdy father I grew up watching Star Trek, and now hold all politicians to the standard of Jean-Luc Picard.

I actually think earthquakes are pretty fun, and am disappointed that they’re so uncommon on the east coast.

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