Family Mental Health & Development Resources:

Ackerman Institute for Family

Mental Health Association of New York City

New York State Office of Mental Health

New York Foundling Vincent J. Fontana Center

Zero to Three

Citizen’s Committee for Children

Child’s Welfare League of America

Women & Girls, Mother and Daughters support and development

Step Up Women’s Network

Mother Daughter Bonding Network

National Charity League

Mothering & Daughtering

Jewish Community:

Jewish Women’s Archive

Jewish Board of Family & Children’s Services

Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York 

Women’s Organizations


National Association of Profession Women

The Women’s Collaborative

Bullying Prevention

Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center

Stop Bullying

Stomp Out Bullying

Related Reading:

Defining Emotional Abuse

Bullying Parents

Is It Rude, Is It Mean, or Is It Bullying?, by Signe Whitson

How to Recover from a Controlling Mother, by Graham Stoney


The Other Side of Paradise, by Stacyann Chin

Come Back: A Mother and Daughter’s Journey Through Hell and Back, by Claire & Mia Fontaine

Who Do You Think You Are, by Alyse Meyers

Mean Mothers, by Peg Streep

You Wore That, by Deborah Tannen

Surviving Mama, by Pamela Thompson

Related Films: 

Phyllis & Harold (2008), by Cindy Kleine

51 Birch Street (2005), by Doug Block

Walk Away Renee (2011), by Jonathan Cauette

Must Read After My Death (2007), by Morgan Dews

My Architect (2003), by Nathaniel Kahn

Prodigal Sons (2008), by Kimberly Reed

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