Life on this sunny day

It’s been pretty crappy weather in NY. First nice warm, sunny day in a while. Chelsea is hanging out with her cat brother and her aunts. Lori, Chelsea’s Godmother, arrived to town yesterday. We are all busy working away. Love. Decided to focus attention to this area of my life. I know you are thinking that I’ve been doing this and I certainly write and speak about in my films. I turned up the volume and became proactive, not waiting for Mr. Right to find me. There’s been a flurry of activity.. fun times, good conversation, shared meals and experiences. And then, someone appeared. Yup, pretty exciting. Will not give details because anything could jinx it. Let’s just say, so far, so good. Whatever happens happens. All I say is, if I never have another blind date in my life, I’d be really fine with that. It’s time to build a life with someone. To think and care and cook for another. To laugh and cry, work and play together. You know what they say, behind every good man/woman is a woman/man. It’s not like I don’t enjoy my alone time, my creating time, my thinking and being time but how wonderful to know someone is there for you and vice versa. I’m so ripe for a juicy, loving, supportive, long lasting relationship. I just want to focus on one significant other. On that subject, I noticed something so common place among the men I dated through the internet. Their constant search. When ever I would go back to the online site, their they were online, too. Never enough, always looking over the shoulder of the person in front them. I’m off the internet now and really do hope I don’t return. it’s a great way to meet someone particularly in this day and age when we are all so busy and the chances of our paths crossing are not great. It affords us an opportunity to meet people we normally would never meet. Oh, I heard something funny. One date, in an effort to learn about my sleeping habits with a man asked me if I was a clinger or slept independent. At first, I didn’t know what he meant. Then he said, full disclosure, I am independent. I asked what he meant and he explained he slept without touching. Can’t be touched or vice versa. Well, I just learned some new lingo and styles. Voila, back to work! Love to you all and please write.

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