Lesson learned

Never go out with a man who is separated but not divorced, even if he tells you he is getting a divorce. Don’t believe him. No matter what he tells you. I did the stupidest thing against my better judgement and Chelsea joined me. We both opened our heart to a man, who swept us off our feet, cooked for us, massaged our feet, wined and dined us, talk about the future together and then turned on a dime. No matter how many times I asked him if he was sure he was finished with his wife, making sure he was free, I wasn’t getting in the way, he kept reassuring me I wasn’t, like a fool, I believed him. He was so kind to Chelsea. Gave her tons of love. We laughed together. But there were some little signs which I just ignored, thinking he needed space, like he said. And his mother died the night of our first date. I felt so horrible for him, I gave him a heart, a glass heart which he kept with him, that’s what he said, until night when told me he reconciled with his wife and I aske for my heart back only to learn he didn’t have it. Okay, Mr. Right. You better be free of any emotional attachments, and single, or don’t come calling here. I have learned my lesson. I’m happy he is reconciled with his wife because I hate to see families split but what was I thinking that I opened myself up for this. My eyes are swollen from crying and fatigue. I’m going to take Chelsea and head up to the loft. I wish him the best. And most importantly Chelsea and I wish you all the best!
Good night

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