Learn, Forgive, and Let Go

Learn, forgive, and let go… such short words, yet so powerful at the same time.  While working for Gayle and promoting LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER!, I’ve been able to learn the true strength behind these words.  Everyone has overcome certain obstacles in life, and these words hold true to helping someone move forward in their lives.

For example, Gayle’s relationship with her mother, which Gayle has highlighted in LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER!, did not start off on the right foot at first.  When Gayle was younger, her mother treated her poorly, along with her siblings.  Over the years, Gayle and her mother Mildred have worked hard to rekindle the failed relationship.  Although they are still working out issues, they’re best friends.  Learn, forgive, and now let go. In my opinion, this is exactly what Gayle and her mother went through.

While working for Gayle and managing her social media platforms, I’ve done my fair share of research about various topics, which Gayle covers in her new documentary.  I previously wrote a blog about sibling bullying and different types of relationships.  Tying everything together now, I realize that when we are kids, emotional traumas will always be something that we will hold close to us.  If we don’t heal properly, we will have a burden on our shoulders for the rest of our lives.  It’s best to cope with whatever pain we have as soon as we are ready, that way we can understand what happened and know what to do to make it better. Although series of unfortunate events will still occurred in life, we can view them as a learning experience and let them travel further into the past.  This is what Gayle and her mother did through therapy and healing, and their relationship is now stronger than ever.

Back to learn, forgive, and let go.  Situations, incidences, etc. will happen to us throughout life, it’s not meant to be simple.  The best thing to do is cope with what life throws our way, find inner peace with yourself, find it in your heart to forgive, and let go of the poison that caused the incident in the first place.  Imagine if we hung onto every little or big bad thing that has happened to us…where would we be and what would happen?  Learn from events, forgive whoever inflicted the pain, and let go.  Simply move on.  It will be hard at first, that’s expected.  Life isn’t easy, and we must accept that.  Everything, in the end, will be alright and you’ll feel like this guy, below.


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