Just saw Juno and it rocks. Diablo Cody spoke afterwards. She is one hot, smart, young and I mean young talented lady. It’s a must see.

Thanksgiving.. all I can say is I’m thankful it passed. Took a cruise. No, it’s not my kind of vacation but it is the vacation of choice for the rest of the Kirschenbaum clan. Mom said, “Do if for me.” Now that Dad is dead, I felt this was one battle not worth fighting especially when she told me we would have a balcony and I could disappear and write. Sounds okay, even if you hate being trapped on a giant moving Las Vegas style hotel. There is always a place to escape to be alone and take your computer and get some work done. Wrong. The outlets were all European, no adaptor on the ship and they informed that even if I had an adaptor passengers were not allowed to use the electricity in the public rooms explaining it was an electrcial issue and only for the vacuum cleaners. Go figure. Oddly enough, we had a fire on the ship. This is not an every day occurrence. First for me and most of the crew and passengers. I did remind my fellow sailors how the Titanic was one of my favorite movies. The fire broke out in the laundry room at three in the morning and code, announcing… Code Bravo, 1, laundry was repeated over and over the PA system in everyone’s room. It was hard to believe how many people slept thru this even in my group. I ran out to check what was going on and even after being fed the party line, “All is okay, please go back to your cabin, mam” I found a guy with a walkie-talkie in a red t-shirt, part of the crew who spilled the beans. There was a fire in the laundry room and they were working on containing it. More and more passengers came out of their rooms, most woken up and some carrying bags with their documents and some with their life jackets ready to get on the lifeboat. Eventually, an announcement was made in several languages explaining what was going on. What concerned me was the use of the word, containing, not put out, but they were containing the fire. That was just the tip of the iceberg, no pun intended.

Coincidentally , this was the same day a ship in the north did hit an iceberg and all had to abandon the ship. What followed next was the surprise engagement of my niece to her lovely boyfriend. They have “issues” and I know until those are worked out they won’t be walking down the aisle. Sure hope they manage. And last but not least, the step mother, latest wife of my brother decided to lash out at me. Mind you her son had been acting up the entire cruise, temper tantrums… When she was done cursing, she finished it off with, “I’m not done with you.” I can’t write this stuff. The end of the evening we kissed and made up. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I want to thank my family for all the material they have given me. Love to you all!!

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