How to Deal with Bullies

Bullies are everywhere. Well not exactly everywhere, but they can exist in several places as we have learned from this blog. For example, bullying can exist in the house from your own siblings and in the schoolyard from peers. Bullying even exists at the workplace. No matter where bullying occurs, it must come to an end. But how?


When I was younger, in about the second grade, I was bullied by two classmates during lunchtime. I remember not liking it so I told my parents and teachers. The classmates soon stopped bullying me.


As you can see, even if bullying does occur, it can come to an end. So what should your child do if a bully confronts him or her?


  1. First thing is, if possible, don’t give the bully a chance. You can’t hide all the time, but if you can walk around and avoid the bully, it is best to do so.
  2. Stand tall and be brave. This might be enough to stop a bully.
  3. Work in numbers. The more people and friends you have with you, the less likely the bully will confront you. If someone else is having bully trouble, offer to be with him or her when the bully is around.
  4. Stand up for yourself. Say no loudly then run or walk away.
  5. Don’t bully back by kicking, pushing, or hitting the bully.
  6. Tell an adult. You can tell teachers, principals, parents, and/or lunchroom helpers at school. Sometimes bullies stop when an adult finds out because they’re afraid they’ll get in trouble.


Whether bullying happens in the house, at school, or even in the workplace, these are suggestions to stop bullying in its tracks. Bullying is very wrong and must come to an end once it starts.




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