Happy New Year

Turns out this holiday was great. I reconnected with family in Canada that I hadn’t seen in 30 years. They have large country home in the Laurentian mountains outside of Montreal. My aunt is turning 90, my grandmother’s younger sister and she is sharp as could be. I took along a video camera and got on tape some family history. I’m so moved by her, her daughter and entire family. Incredible people. Self made, filled with love and generousity. No, Chelsea wasn’t with me but she might get invited another time. I met Diesel, my cousin Sara’s dog and fell in love. I don’t easily fall in love with humans or animals but there is just something about Diesel which grabbed my heart. His sweet, gentle disposition. He reminds me of Chelsea. I will include some pictures.
06 1045am - 106 1045am - 2

06 1045am - 3

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