Today is the funeral for my Uncle Sonny, my mother’s brother. He got melanoma and it spread all over. It took less than two months for him to pass. I have been on the phone with him, working to arrange his care. He resisted hospice and finally agreed to go last Tuesday. I think he had no idea what hospice care is like, particularly down here in Boca Raton. It’s like a beautiful resort. He probably thought it was going to be like a depressing nursing home. I spoke to him on Tuesday and he seemed to be relaxed, knowing he was no longer at home alone barely able to walk and having accidents. He was surprised by how beautiful the hospice center was. He said he would wait for me for come down on Friday but he couldn’t wait. He passed away the day before I arrive. Sonny and his wife Ruth (she died 2 years ago), never had children. They tried and she had a few miscarriages. We, my brothers and I, were like their chldren. Throughout the years, Sonny was my family confident. When I had problems with my family he was the person I could speak to and share my struggles with and he always was a good ear and understood me. He was knowledgeable about everything and in the last years we enjoyed bashing Bush together. I will miss him and my mother more so. My mother and Sonny became close friends in the recent year after they both became widowed. I worry about her; she is now totally alone family wise …only one left of her generation. I told her this is the first time in her life that she doesn’t have to answer to anyone (like my father) and she doesn’t have to take care of anyone (like my uncle). This is the time that my mom and I get closer. I need to keep her young (she is in her 80s) and travel, do things she couldn’t before. Okay, all, need to prepare to go. We will be celebrating Uncle Sonny’s life later.
Chelsea is here, too. She is spending lots of time sleeping. Love to you all.

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