Chelsea stayed home and I took mom with me to Europe. A DOG’S LIFE was premiering in France at the Avignon Film Festival. We stopped in Berlin for a couple of nights. Mom had never been there before. We ended up being there the night the Germans beat Ecuador. They went wild. One happy drunk German even wrapped mom in a German flag. I could see the headline now, “Elderly Jew wrapped in German Flag”. It was the first time in a long time that the Germans could be so proud to hang their flag. Festivities everywhere. Coincidentally, we ended up in Paris the night the French beat Brazil and you can imagine how thrilled they were. No, this wasn’t a soccer trip we were taking. I’m completely distracted by the Middle East crisis. How could any of this make matters better? Doesn’t it only ignite hatred? I have many friends and family in Israel. Even the Prime Minister is an old friend but I’m sitting here so concerned about this aggression. You can’t control rage. More and more suicide bombers are being created each day. Can you imagine suicide bombers here? The effect that could have on us. Okay, I started writing this a few days ago and was eager to share with you what an incredible trip I had in Europe and to upload pictures. I have to leave to head to my sailing classes and then Chelsea and I are off to a B&B my friend bought in the country. A gorgeous old Victorian home.

Okay, I will upload some pix. You will mom and me enjoying dinner in Paris, a rendezvous with my old dear friend, Francois Hebel who is the head of the Festival of Arles (photography festival) and another friend. A group of filmmakers from the Avignon Film Festival.

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