DVD is out

I cannot believe how much time has passed since I wrote. So much is happening. First you will see the DVD is available on the site. Pretty cool. We have a few theatrical screenings coming up. One this weekend in Philly and next weekend in Provincetown, Cape Cod at the film festival. Check out the screenings page.

It’s quite late and I can barely keep my eyes open. Chelsea is sound asleep. I better in the morning that the nights.
Oh, yeah, we are starting a newsletter with an animal pyschic, Catherine Ferguson.

If you have any stories you want publish about your doggie, feel free to email them in with a your doggie pix. We will publish one or two monthly along with a couple of free psychic readings.

Please let me know what else you’d like from a newsletter.

On a mundane topic, it’s so cold in NY for the beginning of June. I had to run home today and pick up my winter coat. I tend to get cold quickly and so does Chelsea. Chelsea is doing okay but she has lost a couple of pounds whch I can’t seem to figure out. She is eating better than ever. The doctor took tests but he doesn’t seem to be alarmed. He said that her liver enzymes are slightly higher but nothing to worry about. Anyone have any suggestions.

We are being interviewed by a Japanese newspaper tomorrow. I’m thrilled because I’m told by many that they are nuts about their dogs too, and treat them like kids so hopefully, they will relate to our film.

Well, must get some sleep. Hugs, Gayle

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2 Responses to DVD is out

  1. david says:

    I saw the film in Philly and enjoyed it thoroughly. It is good to see others as “crazy” about their dogs as I and the story, with its turn from wacky comedy to pathos-filled story was a good one. Thanks for your contribution to the worlds of film, pet therapy, and dogs.

    As a therapist in Philly, my wife and I adopted a poodle helper dog (PHD) who sometimes comes to our sessions with patients.
    Interestingly on last Thursday I had a session with a 12 year old very bright boy who has been getting in trouble at Catholic School. He told me that when he can’t help himself after starting to use the s word, he saves himself by saying “shitzu”. Thought you would like that one.

    As the father and brother of documentary film-makers I appreciate all that went into the film and thanks again for a fun, moving job.

  2. Gayle & Chelsea says:

    Dear David,
    Thanks for accolades and sharing that funny shitzu story. I was so moved to see how many people came from all over to attend the International Dog Film Festival. Just shows you how much our canines affect us. I returned to New York to discover that we’ve been invited to Chicago for a dog film fest there. Anyway, the most rewarding part of our work is helping others. And if my film can spread the word about the power of these incredible souls, I’m fulfilled. In fact, I’d love to take the film and go and do outreach with it. Thanks again!

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