Chicago Backer Show

Chelsea and I headed last week to Chicago to attend the large pet industry show. We were in the cab when I realized I had forgotten my coat…and I don’t well when I’m cold. I knew I wasn’t heading into the city but staying near the airport so I decided to buy whatever I could at the Neward airport which turned out to be a sweatshirt saying “Jersey Girl” in light blue and a hood. Not quite my style. We arrived to Chicago and soon got to our hotel only to notice a Target next door. Wow! We don’t Target in Manhattan. Chelsea and I found our way there and ended up on a shopping spree. I know old three green jackets and Chelsea did quite well at the show. She is the proud owner a beautiful black Shearling coat and a fashionable, red ski outfit. All she needs are skiis. She informed me she was interested in snowboarding not skiing.

Anyway, some great news. The DVD of our film A DOG’S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY will be in several stores including Borders and Petsmart. So keep your eyes open for it. We will even be doing signings. We will probably have postings on the website and of course you can always buy it on our site.

Los Angeles is our next trip. Not vacation but work. We are heading there for the American Film Market.

I just read Al Roker was peddling a doggie show. I find that so funny because he did our interview three years and was really condescending about a woman spending so much time documenting her life her dog. I was informed he didn’t have animals and nor did he like them.. not verified. But he probably realized that he is a minority and much demand in this area.

Okay, need to get the newsletter done and Chelsea wants to head up to the loft to sleep.
Write us, and please send your funny photo for the photo contest.

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