Chelsea has come back big time. For those who don’t know, she was near death a few weeks ago. I ran her to doctors, she had blood work, ultrasounds and we got a second opinion. They told me her liver and kidney were failing and that she had a mass inside. One doctor said it was in her liver and the other in her spleen. She wouldn’t eat anything. I tried a variety of foods and she was just not interested. It was an chore to get her to eat something, anything. She barely walked. I cried my heart out as you can imagine. She has been my longest companion and actually for those who are dog lovers you will understand when I say she is my “canine soulmate”. Fate brought Chelsea into my life over 13 years ago and it was a mutual rescue. I had the date when she would go to doggie heaven and then took a trip up to Hartsdale to visit the oldest pet cemetery in the country. Decided on the location, the box and made a decision I’d find someone to make a headstone with Chelsea’s image carved into it. Thinking about making the decision to put her to sleep and loosing her was excruciating. I wanted to do what she wanted and wished she could speak to me. I even went to a friend who help guides me through difficult times and she confirmed that the time was now for Chelsea. She even began crying saying she loved Chelsea, too. I was trying to prepare myself as best I could. I decided to take her off her meds. She didn’t like them anyway and if she was going to die why torment her with them. The doctors told me she should be on a reduced protein diet since she had liver disease. I decided since she wouldn’t eat anything, I would just try to get her to eat and I knew she loved animal protein.. After rejecting everything I had offered her for days, weeks, I defrosted some brisket I had made. I heated it up and hand fed her it. I didn’t have to trick her to get her to eat. She wanted the brisket all on her own. And couldn’t get enough. Chelsea has come back to life big time. Eating almost anything, running, jumping. Her limp is gone. Oh, she had developed that some months ago – arthritis. Not sure what’s going on inside her I only see what is going on outside and I feel like I have my dog-ter back in a big way. We have made three trips to the country. She is featured in the podcast which will start soon. And we just can’t get enough of each other. Perhaps she came back to help me out. I have to go in for surgery tomorrow. I believe it will be nothing. It’s outpatient and if the pathology is fine, I’m on my way.

Mom is flying in today. Yup, she is always there for her kids. My brothers have kept her busy the last few years with their health problems and I guess now it’s my time. We are going to get her up blogging (if she agrees.. how could she not, she loves attention. Yes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.) And perhaps she will teach me how to use the webcam she uses when speaking with her grandson. Mom is pretty high tech.
The staff here has grown and this is not just a working space but a living space. It is getting pretty cozy here. I’ve got to go. Love to all!

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  1. joanne says:

    hi I just saw a Dogs Life on tv i loved it. u did a great job and everyone who has ever truly loved an animal can relate to it. my very best wishes to you. jo-anne

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