Chelsea attacked by a cat

OMG, it was the horrific experience I’ve had with my dog-ter. Here goes. Friday night Chelsea took me out for a walk. We noticed a man bent over in pain next to his bike. I soon learned that he lived in our building. The ambulance arrived and the paramedics were taking him to the hospital. He was concerned about his bike and I offered to wheel it home for him. I got his phone number and wife’s name. I called her and she went off the hospital to get visit him. The next morning I called to check in with her and told her I’d could bring the bike back to her because Chelsea and I were heading out for a walk anyway. Chelsea and I arrived to their apartment. We walked in, I was wheeling the bike. In a matter of seconds a black cat jumped on Chelsa with one intention, to rip her to pieces. Yes, I saw my life before me. The woman (she is now a new friend) tried to get her cat off of Chelsea as I tried to pick up Chelsea. The cat was filled with rage and was relentless. He was biting everyone. I finally succeeded to get Chelsea as the cat was now biting my hands and arms. I got up and got out and slammed the door behind me. We were all bleeding and in shock. Chelsea and I jumped in the shower to clean off and we went to the vet. She is wounded in several places but nothing deep enough to require stitches. And was shaking non stop. But my boss is having a quick recovery. Thank God. We’ve been out a few walks since and she is gradually gaining her strength and confidence. Now, I have no idea how she will be when she sees a cat again.

Okay, so the day continues. The woman who owns the cat whose husband ended up with a dislocated shoulder the night before from falling off his bike kept calling to make sure Chelsea and I were okay. I stopped by later in the day to pick up my glasses which had fallen off in the midst of the fight. I noticed her finger which had been punctured by the cat in several places was all swollen. She is a recent cancer survivor and doesn’t have any lymph nodes. I knew although she was also on antibiotics like me and Chelsea, her injury wasn’t looking good. I convinced her to the hospital and I told her I’d go with her and we went up to Sloan Kettering together. We were there til 1AM but she received fabulous treatment and her wounds were cleaned out. And we came home and she was grateful she had gone. So was I. Chelsea missed me as I did her but we went out for a walk and she was no longer crying when I picked her up.

The woman is a painter and before we knew it we were happy to get to know each other. What a way to make a friend! I’m not pushing Chelsea’s friendship with her cat.

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