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Indiewire’s Project of the Day: Mother and Daughter Fight over ‘My Nose’ – indieWIRE

iW’s Project of the Day: Mother and Daughter Fight over ‘My Nose’ – indieWIRE.

Check this out!

My Nose: The Bigger Version, our feature film which is in production and on Kickstarter now to raise funds.  4 more days to the end of the campaign.

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Mom’s Helpful Hints #2 Packing Light

Hi all,
Today I bring you Mom’s Helpful #3 on Packing Light.  We have been traveling together since my father passed away in 2006.  Our trips have taken us all around the world including India, Israel, Portugal and Italy.  Mom only travels with a carry-on bag.  It doesn’t matter how long we are away or how far we go, she manages to take all she needs in one little bag. Me, well, that’s a different story. I’m always concerned that I have enough clothing that will cover all seasons.

Mom has the answers how to manage all that you need in one little suitcase that you take on the plane.  It’s safer in many ways. You don’t risk losing your bag and you don’t have wait for it to come off the plane.  You land and you are on your way, that is once you get through immigration and customs.  Easy and fast way to travel.

And if you want to learn more about our upcoming film, please visit our Kickstarter campaign and please consider joining our team by participating and becoming a backer.  It doesn’t take much and you get a lot.

Have a great day!
Much love,


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Mom’s Helpful Hints Videos Launched #1 Managing Money

Since I’ve been busy complaining and showing you how critical mom can be and was with me particularly in my youth, it’s time to shine the light on her attributes. This lady is a pistol or as HBO says, “a force.”  How right they are.

She is one of the most versatile people I know. There is little she doesn’t know or can’t figure out.  On that note, I’ve asked her if she would take some precious time away from her daily work which includes a half hour on the elliptical machine, playing bridge, pam, mahjong, canasta, and scrabble and share with the public some of her knowledge.

Sit back and enjoy Helpful Hint #1  Managing Money

Have a pen and paper handy or your electronic writing device of choice.

And if you want to learn more about our upcoming film, please visit our Kickstarter campaign.

Have a great day!
Much love,


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A Dangerous Triangle


Many people have had horrible childhoods and yet moved forward in a positive and productive way but never resolved their childhood trauma.  I’ve got a story with a new twist about transforming a dysfunctional relationship with my mother to a functioning dysfunctional relationship. She could shoot me down with her tongue from the minute I was born and I have rendered her powerless and she is now shooting blanks.  I acquired the skills to disarm her lethal tongue and now I can not only deflect her attacks but even get her to laugh along with me at her actions.

While working through these issues and using my skills as a filmmaker, I made a short called MY NOSE that became an award-winning film about my mother’s quest to get me to have a nose job. After the unexpected success of the film and audiences’ hunger for more, I knew it was time to go deeper.  That’s when I decided to make a feature length film, MY NOSE: THE BIGGER VERSION about the transformation of my relationship with my mother from Mommie Dearest to Dear Mom, from hatred to love.

“Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.” John Lennon.

And so this is what happened.

Accidental Filmmaker – After a long and successful career in the film/TV industry I made my first personal film about my life with my dog, which premiered on HBO, A DOG’S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY and featured widely in the media. Then MY NOSE and now MY NOSE: THE BIGGER VERSION.

Accidental Therapist– Release of MY NOSE led me to helping others deal with a critical parent and I developed “The Seven Healing Tools” which I teach others how to use.

Accidental Financier–  I have just turned to Kickstarter, a Do-It-Yourself online crowd-funding platform. You set your goal and amount and must meet it or you get nothing. Gulp! I know tons of people all over the world.  What I’m learning is that many are old school and computer phobic.

My challenges now are to spread awareness beyond my world of computer phobs, throw out a wide net and get people to the Kickstarter campaign before it’s too late. Yes, I’ve gotten a fair amount of press for my previous films including features in The New York Times, Washingon Post and talk and radio shows.

MY NOSE: THE BIGGER VERSION is bigger in more ways than one and for sure more important. We need a wider base, bigger press, and bigger donations. We are supersizing.  The clock is ticking and I have a time limit.  I’ve got to get the word out as soon as possible because the last thing I want to hear is my mother say, I told you so.

Please help otherwise, I will have no choice but to have my 87 year old mother do a strip tease so I can put it on YouTube and pray it goes viral. Please save my mother from that humiliation.

Gayle & Mom in Lisbon
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Mom is sick

Mom has been up from Florida visiting when she got sick. Not just a cold, not just a cough but a case of pneumonia. Not major, but enough. Some spots on one of her lungs. Today is her last day of the Z pack and she is insisting on flying home to Florida on her scheduled flight. Nothing I do or say will stop her. Her skin is pale, she has been having a serious case of night sweats and looks dehydrated but she is still a force to be reckoned with. We’ve given her a mask and insist she wears it on the plane, more to protect the others from her than she from them. I hope her flight is far from full and she gets a seat with no neighbors. Knowing mom, the mask will probably stay in her bag where it is now. She’ll arrive late at night, won’t call a friend to pick her up because she doesn’t want to bother anyone and wait for the Shuttle bus to take her home. That in it self could take a couple of hours. And she is walking into an empty home. No one there to help her. Yes, she has friends that will come by and offer a helping hand. Particularly Susan who is a nurse and will most likely be there more than she will care to have company. So there goes my Run Away Mother on the next plane out. She is from the old school…just like Debbie Reynolds, who I made a film about her and her daughter Carrie Fisher years ago for Lifetime. Debbie at that time owned a hotel in Las Vegas and she was quite sick when I arrived with my crew. She was all made up drinking cough medicine and as soon as the camera started rolling you would never know there was anything wrong with her. A real pro. Just like my mom. She doesn’t succumb to her illness. She forges on. Perhaps a martyr. For sure a force.

Let’s pray she gets home and better soon. Or I’m on the next plane down.

Have a great day!

Much love,

Please visit our kickstarter campaign for our new film and consider becoming a backer. Any amount counts. and then type in “My Nose: The Bigger Version”

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My interview with Dr. Jen

Hi all,

Check out the interview I did with Dr. Jen.  She is an amazing woman. Pediatrician by day and blogger by night and the mother of 4.

Please become a healer and join our campaign on Kickstarter.  We need your help to help others!! We are on our way.

Have a great day!

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My story and you

I’m making an important film that will serve to help many people — people who are suffering from growing up with a critical and abusive parent, people who have been struggling with low self-esteem and body image their whole lives, people who for years have been carrying anger and resentment towards the people who have caused them harm.
I was the youngest of three children — the only girl after two boys, so you’d think my mother won the lottery when she finally gave birth to a female. That’s not what happened, however, and I came into this world feeling like Cinderella. My mother turned her anger turned towards me and nothing I did was ever right. I left home when I was 16 and that’s when my journey to recovery began. I was so damaged that I thought if my mother died I would be liberated.

Today, she is my closest friend and I love her dearly. It took many years
and lots of hard work, tears, and pain to get to where we are now. A few years ago, I began giving seminars teaching others how to transform their own difficult relationships.

I made an award winning comedic short about my mother’s attempts to convince me to have a nose job called MY NOSE. It succeeded beyond expectations with many people relating to it on different levels. Due to the audience hunger for more I decided it was time to tell our story by going deeper by opening up my life for a more complex film. My mother agreed to allow cameras in and we’ve been shooting for the last several years.

We now need your help to finish the film. We have interest from several broadcasters and distributors. They are all waiting for a rough cut and we need funds to get there.

We have launched a Kickstarter campaign, an online platform that many people are using to raise money for their endeavors. The concept is crowd-funding, it’s all about numbers, the more people who know about it and get behind it the better chance to reach our goal and raise our funds.

For me, Kickstarter is not only about raising the money we desperately need but also about building a community and an audience. All I want to do is finish this film and get it out to the world.

In less than 22 hours we have raised $1655. Please take a look at the campaign, there are trailers and lots to see and please consider donating.
If you like it, spreading the word to your universe will help us tremendously through FB, Twitter or however else you share.

Have a wonderful day!!



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Getting closer

Another gorgeous day in New York. Monday night my writer’s group did a reading. I hadn’t been writing much lately other than work related stuff such as film and television proposals.  By giving myself this event and deadline, I knew I’d be forced to sit down and write.  What came out was something in the memoir category.  Once MY NOSE: THE BIGGER VERSION is done, that’s where my creative energy will head. A book, part memoir, part self-help.

Who would like to see mom blogging?  Just finishing videos and all else one needs before starting the Kickstarter campaign.  Will be back soon.

Have a great day!


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