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Not Just For Women

Now don’t get me wrong, I love working at Kirschenbaum Productions, it’s just with Look At Us Now, Mother! underway, there is a LOT of focus on the Mother/Daughter relationship in our work.  This relationship is of course deep, intricate, complex, interesting, and lets be honest, feminine.  As one of Gayle’s male interns, its clearly hard for me to relate to the Mother/Daughter Complex at times; which is why I found coming across Graham Stoney’s work so refreshing.

Graham Stoney is an author, blogger, and confidence coach. His website entitled The Confident Man Project serves as an online community for men to talk about their self confidence issues and to learn by example from other men what it really takes to be a man.  His articles cover a variety of topics and can help many different types of people, but the primary target here are under-confident men.  His website is a great resource if you are looking for a confidence boost.

While going through his story, the reader learns about Graham growing up with a controlling mother.  She was emotionally stoic and her negativity affected his whole family.  In his article, How to Recover from a Controlling Mother, Graham goes into detail about his relationship with his mother, the negative effects it had on him and how he overcame them.  He provides many steps to take on the path of recover for his readers including: ‘Expressing Your Feelings,’ ‘Take Some Time Out,’ and ‘Forgive Your Mother.’

These steps are very similar to Gayle’s 7 Healing Tools that she uses in her seminar.  I’ve had the pleasure recently of spending a lot of time working with Gayle on her seminars.  Gayle uses her story about growing up with her mother and overcoming their difficult relationship to inspire others to take control of the difficult relationships in their lives.  She teaches about creating distance, sharing, and forgiving among other tools to recovery.

It has been interesting for me to learn about how anyone can still be affected by a critical mother.  Gender doesn’t come into play.  Maybe the Mother/Daughter Complex specifically is feminine, but the message of overcoming the difficult relationship within it is universal.  No matter what you situation is, no matter which relationship in your life is troubling you, you can overcome it.

And did I mention Gayle has a seminar coming up? Check it out!

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The Journey of MY NOSE seminar + trailer

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