Car Rental Warning!

Today I must share with you–or warn you–about a disreputable car rental place.

Even though I am a travel agent and owned my own agency for 30 years in New York, when I travel I check with places like Hotels.Com for rates.

Going to Bilbao I checked with and did get a better rate for my hotel, BUT then at the end there is a pop up about car rentals. So I followed the link and rented a car to be picked up in Bilbao and dropped off in Madrid.

After receiving the confirmation I realized it was a small car without a trunk. When I wanted to upgrade, their rate was so outrageous that I called another company as a travel agent–got exactly what I wanted and verbally canceled Car Trawler.

Car Trawler is now billing me for the car rental, and to my disappointment American Express only goes so far and now I have to pay the money. I could call Ireland where Car Trawler is located and start with another series of letters to American Express and Car Trawler and However I decided sometimes it is easier to just pay rather than hassle for months and lose my credit rating.

Do not ever use Car Trawler. There is no way to get in touch with them; they are not reliable or reputable and they must be desperate for money if I give them the names of the people I spoke to and the date of the cancellation–we are talking about $145.

When I made the reservation through I did not realize I was renting through an overseas, despicable company.

There isn’t an American auto rental place who would not settle this amicably.

If you do not want to get burned (like I did) stay with a known company, not a half-assed company! A reputable one would have said, “I’m sorry you have to pay the bill, but we will offer you a $145 credit for future rental.”

Good luck and happy travels!!


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