bad romance

Sorry for such a long silence. First of all, you won’t believe that the guy who I was dating who was separated from his wife and swore they were on their way to getting divorce and then went from planning a future with me to telling me it was over and he went back to his wife. What is wrong with these guys?! No matter how many times I asked him if it was over and he kept telling me it was. How about some sensitivity? How about a reality check? How do you mislead someone? So, it was over and of course I never wish anyone anything bad and don’t seem to have a vindictive bone in my body, and I know Chelsea surely doesn’t, we said good-bye wishing each other well. I immediately gave him back his things I asked him to send me back my things. Instead of doing that, he called to get together, have dinner, go to a movie. We had a bit of business to talk about so I agreed. What a horrible time! He brought me back most of my things but getting the money he owed suddenly was coming with conditions. He had to be kidding. I was sitting next to him, Mr. Movie buff, suffering through the worse independent film his friend made who he reveres, and couldn’t stay a minute longer. I left and told him to mail the check. I went home and proceeded to have a nightmare that I was now living across from him and his wife and our windows faced each other and I could see him stroking his wife. The worse thing was waking up and finding his t-shirt next to my bed. I called him and said, “Don’t call me again! Good luck.” How insensitive can a person be?
You know, if I was a schmuck I’d mention his name but there is no point to that.
So, I’m taking a break from men and focusing on Chelsea, work and friends and family.

Have a wonderful day!

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